Our Way of Life

The Bible gives us effective direction to our lives. We try to rely fully upon God and develop a faith that is active in prayer and service.
However, we recognise that salvation is by God’s grace alone.

With God’s help, we seek to please and obey Him every day, striving to imitate Jesus who faithfully obeyed his Father. We therefore endeavour to be enthusiastic in work, loyal in marriage, generous in giving, dedicated in preaching and happy in our God.

A widespread custom among Christadelphians is to read the Bible every day. Many also attend Bible classes each week.

Every Sunday we participate in a service we call the “Memorial Meeting” or “Breaking of Bread”. All members share bread and wine to remind us of the life and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Attendance at this service is the focus of our religious life.

Since we have no paid ministers, our members take turns to serve our community in all its functions – children’s activities and youth groups, preaching locally and overseas and caring for people in need.

The Christadelphians are a close-knit community working together in God’s service in whatever ways we can.